We are happy to provide your African and Caribbean grocery needs.

African Caribbean Food brings great selection of West African products, including Shito, Kenkey, Fufu, Palm oil, garri, etc. If you are looking for hard to find items for preparing dishes or miss some of the typical food from home, we got your back.

Everything we do is to build trust. we ensure that you, our customers, that we will be bringing in african caribbean food on a reasonable price. At African Caribbean Food Market, we have been serving San diego community for years.

Featured menus

 San Diego food market fufu

Green plantains, Ripen Plantain

San Diego African cosmetics


San Diego African caribbean food market Biscuits, cookies

Biscuits, cookies, ..

San Diego yam african caribbean food market sandiego


San Diego hot sauce, african carribbean food market

Sauces, hot sauces..

San Diego African carribbean food market


San Diego African food market fish fufu and casava

Dry fish,Bread, Fufu and Casava..

San Diego African food market rice beans

Rice and beans

San Diego African food market frozen fish and meant

Frozen fish and meat


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