Welcome to African Carribean Food Market

If you are looking to buy any AFRICAN PRODUCT, Then you’ve come to the right place, look no further than the AFRICAN CARIBBEAN FOOD MARKET.

African products are a very important part of our culture. They are used in many ways from Cooking to Medicine, They are known for their Quality and Taste, we have everything you need to make your African kitchen run smoothly. We have different types of African Products that you can buy from the AFRICAN CARIBBEAN FOOD MARKET.

The AFRICAN CARIBBEAN FOOD MARKET has been established on Nov, 2nd 1999, and is located in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA, and we have been in business for over 25 years. Our Store offers a wide range of products from different African Countries including Ghana and West Africa, And we are expanding beyond just selling African Food Stuffs to adopting other cultures’ healthy foods and more.

Our Grocery Store Stocks a wide variety of quality food Items that will make your mouth water Including Canned Fish, Stockfish, Beverages, Canned Goods, Fufu, Cocoyam, Flour, Egusi(Melon seed), Palm oil, Plaintain, Vegetables,Bird's Custard Powder, and Many More. Our selection is sure to please even the most discriminating Customer.

Our Aim is to provide our customers with Quality Products at an Affordable price with fast delivery times so that they can enjoy them without breaking their budget. Here’s a list of our Top Sellers.

~Canned Goods: We have a wide selection of canned goods from Coffee and Tea to Sauces and Spices.you can find them all here!

~Cocoyam: This root vegetable is used in many traditional dishes from West Africa and has been praised by chefs across the globe for its versatility as an ingredient. We offer cocoyam in both fresh form and frozen for convenience.

~Flour:Our flour comes from local suppliers who ensure that each batch meets high standards for quality control before shipping out.You can find all types of flours here at AFRICAN CARIBBEAN FOOD MARKET.

Feed your family the best with AFRICAN CARIBBEAN FOOD PRODUCTS stocked with treasures, committed to the best quality food products, and customer satisfaction at its finest. We have everything on your list, SHOP WITH US!

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4811 El Cajon Blvd,
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